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Sell ​​a car with an outstanding loan

Reselling a car associated with a loan is not always possible, however, there are solutions to achieve this. An explanation over at

There are two types of loans that allow you to buy a car, the personal loan, the amount of which is freely granted to the borrower, and the car loan used to purchase the car. The assigned car loan is, therefore, financing that will be granted if the driver provides supporting documents to the bank or the concession, such as a quote or an order form. Assignment simply means that the credit and the cars are linked, if the purchase of the car is canceled, the credit is too. On the other hand, if the car is to be sold, the credit must be repaid in full, which can, therefore, cause problems.

You should know that all car loans

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Do not include a clause prohibiting the resale of the car, care must be taken to check the document and the conditions of resale to ensure the possibility of such an act. Otherwise, it is strongly advised to check with the financial institution that has accepted the car loan. To be able to resell the car, it will be necessary to fully repay the credit before the scheduled date, this is called early repayment. This can be done by the driver directly or through a financing organization responsible for buying back car credit.

Redeem your car loan and buy a new car

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In most cases, the resale of a car is linked to the purchase of a new model, new or used. Whether it is in connection with a vehicle that has taken too many kilometers, with a need for more space or simply to change cars, it is good to know that even with an assigned car loan, we can make this change. The idea is therefore to buy a car loan, it is a simple operation which consists of asking a bank to buy back your car loan, and you can add an additional amount to finance a new car for example.

The principle is simple: you just have to file a loan buy-back request specifying the amount remaining to be reimbursed on the car loan and then enter the desired amount to buy a new vehicle, knowing that the driver can also count on the amount obtained when reselling the current car. After acceptance of the financing, the bank which buys will quite simply send a refund by transfer to the financial establishment having granted the car loan, the bank will also transfer to the account of the driver the amount to buy his vehicle. The motorist can thus resell the car without fear and buy a new one. He will reimburse a single monthly loan repurchase from the following month, he can also choose the amount, that is to say, keep a monthly equivalent to the old, increase or even reduce it.

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